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Insurance Assurance Inc. Your Premier Eastern NC Public Adjuster

Insurance Assurance Inc. your premier Eastern NC Public Adjuster. Your Public Adjuster successfully representing many policyholders throughout Eastern NC. Office Washington County since 2004.

We have had the privilege of handling most types of claims From Nationwide chains and large Condominiums. Large scale commercial to the local business and all types of Residential.

Most likely we have handled a claim for one of your neighbors.


Recovery Examples

Type of Claim  :  Residential – Fire/Smoke      
Location            :  Celebration, Florida

The insured contacted us as a result of the Insurance Company’s demand to use their “Preferred Contractor” to make repairs for a fire suffered. This “Preferred Contractor” cited that the electrical wires could not be repaired (spliced) and new wiring had to be installed. Although our investigation found the repairs started to be in disregard of the Preferred Contractor’s own estimate; as he had already installed a junction box by splicing the existing wiring in violation of code. We had the local building department investigate and they found the repairs improper and failing to meet code. The Insurance Company’s Preferred Contractors provided an estimate for $11,215.49, although since our involvement the Insurance Company has offered $249,852.03 toward the repairs and there is another $50,000 in dwelling damage we are seeking. A 2,127% increase has been paid.

Type of Claim  :  Residential – Wind/Water
Location            :  Indialantic, Florida

A Client contacted us due to a dispute with his Insurance Company on a tile roof. The insurance company wanted to repair and the insured felt a new roof was required and he was owed $53,000. Neither the Insurance Company’s adjuster nor the insured had addressed all the damages suffered. We resolved the claim for $324,000 gaining recovery for the replacement roof and the interior damages suffered. A 511% increase.

A Few of Our Past Claims

$23,850.00 $285,262.35 $261,412.35 Over 1,095% PAID
$11,215.49 $486,602.87 $475,387.38 Over 4,239% PAID
$25,434.27 $130,670.29 $105,236.02 Over 414% PAID
$40,753.74 $178,802.57 $138,048.83 Over 339% PAID
$3,559.62 $31,784.41 $28,224.79 Over 793% PAID
$22,199.27 $99,199.70 $77,000.43 Over 347% PAID
$36,244.43 $181,964.90 $145,720.47 Over 402% PAID

Note: These are average cases, NOT EXCEPTIONS!

All Public Adjusters ARE NOT created equal?

Hail Damage: After we gained recovery on surrounding homes another Public Adjuster received Denial and gained no recovery for our Clients Neighbor his client.

Recently we had the privilege of handling several Hail claims in a subdivision. While we had successfully gained recovery on surrounding residences another Public Adjusting Firm failed to make recovery, receiving a Denial and the Homeowner gained no recovery. 

Hurricane Damage: Public Adjuster Documents Claim for over $800,000 then signs Appraisal Award for less then $100,000

A Large Public Adjusting Firm had made claim over $800.000 in damages in a commercial Claim, although then agreed and signed an Appraisal Award for less then $100,000. When the Insured sued them they were not able to receive recovery as this firm had no Errors or Omissions Insurance. Rather Changed their name to a similar one and went back to business as normal. 

Denials Don’t Scare Us!!!

Type of Claim : Business (Restaurant/Convenience Store) – Fire/Smoke
Location : Orlando, Florida

Insurance Company denied claim in its entirety. We documented damage and under appraisal clause of the policy recovered $125,000 for the insured.

Type of Claim : Church – Wind/Water
Location : Pensacola, Florida

The church suffered water damages to the parsonage and Sunday school building. The Insurance Company denied the claim in its entirety. Recovery was $85,000 for the covered damages.

Denied $27,629.92 PAID
Denied $81,682.27 PAID
Denied $184,670.00 PAID
Denied $329,186.76 PAID
Denied $2,300,000.00 PAID

Insurance Assurance Inc. Serving Consumers Since



Fully Licensed
Bonded & Insured

Our client’s satisfaction is one of our primary goals. We work hard and do our best to provide clients the best satisfaction. Insurance Assurance Inc., your premier Public Adjuster is a Better Business Bureau accredited Business with an A+ rating.Call us today to have one of our Public adjusters give you FREE professional advice on your claim.

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Some common sense Claim Advice

Never hire a Public Adjuster or Contractor who is canvassing neighborhoods or knocking on doors?

Many Public Adjusters and contractors monitor fires and canvass neighborhoods that have been devastated by recent storms. No one from Insurance Assurance Inc. has ever harassed consumers after a loss.  Beware of these Public Adjusters and contractors that knock on doors say they are representing your neighbor’s or just in the neighborhood.  Most will provide inferior services and are nowhere to be found for repairs or problems.  Insurance Assurance Inc. your premier Florida Public Adjuster since 1999.

Do Not Let a Roofer or contractor Present Your Claim

Residential Home

Recently after an Insured’s Roofer presented their claim to a carrier for $19,567.92, the carrier Demanded Appraisal. We viewed the claim and discovered many damages the insured was unaware of and went on to collect $54,090.10 in the Appraisal. Plus the insured collected $12,688.39 in Bad Faith Damages.

Commercial Apartment Complex

A Large Apartment Complex had sustained damages from a tornado. They had retained a Roofing Company that estimated over $900,000 dollars in repair and replacement required.  After the Carrier failed to pay the Roofing Companies Estimation. The Roofing Company did another estimation lowering the repairs to around $600,000.  Again the Roofing Company did another estimation lowering the repairs to just over $200,000. The carrier tendered payment for just over $100,000. We were retained and settled the claim for over 1,700,000. 

Insurance Company Contractors

If the Insurance Company Refers, Sends or makes Demand of using a specific Contractor

Read what you are signing BEFORE you sign anything.

Please be very careful and understand if you contract with the Company the carrier sends, they are your contractor and may dictate the repair methods and extent of repairs being performed. They are YOUR Contractor and not the Insurance Companies. 

Election of repair
or AOB’s

Election of repair or AOB (Assignment of Benefits)

Read what you are signing BEFORE you sign anything.

Several companies are selling repair contracts as Insurance policies and some others contain an election of repair clause. A Qualified Public Adjuster can be of Great Benefit, do not agree or sign anything without prior consultation of a Professional.. Be very careful when anyone requests an assignment of Benefits.

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